• Have you been trying to break into medical device sales? 


  • Do you feel you are capable of being successful but haven’t yet been able to secure an interview?


  • Real interviews with recruiters & managers.



At the Device Academy we will teach you how to work with recruiters, wow the hiring manager, demolish the ride along, and ultimately be the #1 candidate for a medical device sales position. You will be working with the top talent in the medical sales industry and medical recruiting industry.

Our staff is made up of accomplished Device Sales Reps and Managers that are currently thriving in this ever changing industry. At the Device Academy you will be given the tools to land a position in Medical Device Sales.

Are you ready?




Megan P.

2014 Graduate

When I initially decided to change career paths from digital marketing to medical sales, I knew it was not going to be easy. I wasn’t getting much traction from submitting my resume online and there were few recruiters that would give me the time of day. When I found out about the Device Academy I had been on one unsuccessful interview with a well known company in the industry. In order to make my dream a reality, I knew something had to be done.
The Device Academy was certainly less expensive than some other Medical Sales colleges, so I decided to take a leap of faith and attend the two day course in New York City. (Be prepared to break out of your comfort zone).
The Device Academy overshot my expectations by far! It really makes a difference having actual hiring managers give you insight on interviewing techniques that I didn’t know existed. Not only do you walk away knowing more about yourself, but you come out having new friends and mentors in the industry. I’m firm believer in self improving personally and professionally and that’s totally what you get from attending!
After the course was over I was more confident, prepared, and ready to interview. Within two months after the Device Academy, I accepted a job with a prominent biologics company. I am beyond excited to start my new journey and career as a Medical Sales Rep!

FY 2016 Megan Update

Now it was time to prove to myself that I could actually be successful within the industry. For the past year and a half I became a sponge. I did whatever it took to learn the ropes of the industry by putting in long hours, driving a ton, and cold calling relentlessly. Most importantly, I built relationships with my doctors and a reputation as a sales rep. I also found an amazing co-worker who is now my lifelong friend and mentor.  I recently used the skills I learned at DA to obtain a new opportunity in New York City for a direct company called Entellus. I’m excited to advance and challenge my career to one of the top performing markets in the country!
Thank You Device Academy! I’m eternally grateful!
Megan P.

Tim S.

2014 Graduate

After graduating college in 2014, I made it my goal to break into the medical device industry. After being rejected by several companies, I came to Device Academy looking for answers. The interviewing skills Chris, Mike, and Scott taught me were second to none. Not only that, but the modifications they helped me make to my resume made me a more marketable candidate to potential employers.

Less than 3 months after I went through Device Academy, I landed an Associate Sales position in a top 5 orthopedic device company. Today I run my own territory and could not be happier. Much of my success and sales techniques I attribute to the lessons I learned from Device Academy.
Chris, Mike, and Scott are extremely knowledgeable and I consider it an absolute privilege to have worked with them. I highly recommend the Device Academy to anyone serious about breaking into and landing a highly-coveted medical device sales position!
   -Tim S.


2015 One on One

Coming  Soon!!!!